NCR 3 part

cmyk burnley

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Hey guys

Someone maybe able to shed some light on this. Normally buying precollated stock works a treat

This client wanted a different colour scheme.

Its a 3 part form.

So all single sheets, top middle and bottom print runs.

But they want them numbering also, I can set up the numbering easy enough in Numbering star.

Is it possible to print a colour from separate trays ie white from tray 1, blue from tray 2 and pink from tray 3

Whilst numbering and coming out collated?

Using a versant V180


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It is.
Create your numbered PDF file with three copies of each page (ie 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,5,5,5,...). - Use the repeat function in Numbering Star
Then from your Fiery use Mixed Media > New Page Range to set up Page 1 from tray 1, Page 2 from tray 2 and Page 3 from tray 3 (or whichever trays you are using!)
Then in the VDP tab set Define Record Length as 3 (or would be 2 if doing 2 part)

This will then feed from trays 1,2 & 3 for pages 1,2,3, and back to trays 1,2 & 3 for pages 4,5,6

cmyk burnley

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Bloody knew there was a away!

Ive had to hand collate 4000 sheets today! Been an absolute nightmare! Ill give this a go!

Thank you so much!


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Make sure that each sheet is exactly the same size and they all align. Sometimes one color will be slightly different and your images won't be aligned. We had a job rejected once because of this. We now trim them as necessary to make sure there isn't any size variance.

cmyk burnley

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Only issue i had tbh was the middle pink sheet

I had to hand collate in the end anyways as the machine fed doubles etc, knocked all the numbers out of sync. Was a bit of a nightmate

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