Need help determining max plate size on Suprasetter A52/A74


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We just got a Heidelberg Suprasetter A52/74 as a backup and I'm trying to figure out if it will burn a 605mmx745mm plate. I've read through all the documentation I could find. It states A52 max size as 670x525mm, A74 670x750mm. The problem is it doesn't state what the difference between A52 and A74 is. I'm not sure if there are 2 different models, the one I have has both numbers and doesn't specify if it's one or the other. Anyone have any idea? I've attached a screenshot page from the manual showing the specs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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A52/a74 are same machine hardware wise.
You if buy a52 than it is small format(2up ) machine.. It will expose 670x525mm
And later on if you wish to upgrade then you need one upgradation key to be enter in the ctp user interface then it will become 4up machine (a74) and able to expose 670x750mm
Complete hardware will remain same.
Hope now your answer is ok
Press spanner button on the top line(ctp user interface/gui)
There is an option license . If key is there for 74 format then you will able to see.

Or just try to expose a 74 format palte


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