nesting software on a budget


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Hi All,

I was after a little advice on some nesting software for labels.

I wondered if any folks on here had favourites?

I'm just looking for a bit of software to specify a few different standard canvas sizes.

Then impose circular and irregular sized labels with the minimum waste per sheet.

Ability to do mixed impositions based on variable quantities per label would be a bonus.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

We can help with that, drop me a PM if you'd like to discuss or have an online demo.
If you’re using CorelDraw or Illustrator you could take a look at eCut. It would fit the requirement of a small budget. There’s also another plugin but I believe it’s for CorelDraw only Repro Scripts.
For quickie impositions, ONYX Tru-fit works well. It is limited to 20 different files per imposition so that can be quite limiting. Tilia (Esko) makes Griffin which is the same product as Tru-Fit but with a 50 file limit. Both are great options for smaller shops.

Tilia Phoenix and One-Vision's software can nest and automate your prepress department. Those do not fit the small budget requirement.
I found a cracking solution, PDF Snake: Impose Documents Online for Free
I'm so impressed with this tool, browser based, very fast and the DEV's have been amazing, even adding a little autofil feature into one of the imposition styles.
Can't recommend this enough, cost per month is less than a tenner a month (UK) - really affordable.

Thanks to everyone who shared advice and suggestions.

Pdf snake is a good one. Lots of quick ways to do little impositions.


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