New Workflow Automation Tools


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Ultimate TechnoGraphics (Booth 540), will be demonstrating new automation tools at PRINT:
  • Just-in-time imposition automation—Impostrip has more imposition intelligence for digital finishing manufacturers in need for automatic numbering logic for short-run variable production.
    • Allowing providers to take variable size/quantity orders to production in a just-in-time order replenishment process.
  • Ultimate Bindery finishing automation—increases production throughput, reduces errors & eliminates waste. Ultimate Bindery v.5 finishing software (a "MUST SEE ‘EMS 2017" winner) powers high-productivity in a short-run, high turnaround environment.
    • Featuring automated workflows for a single device or a concatenated finishing line.
    • Auto-calculate the make-ready of each bindery module based on prepress workflow, with precise job validation & waste paper reduction.
  • True Shape Nesting is now also for rotary die cutters—Last year, Impostrip introduced a Must See Em’s winner—true shape Nesting, and now introduces an extended functionality adapted to Rotary Die Cutters.
    • Automatically generated press ready files for Rotary Die Cutters can now be created in a fully automated workflow.
    • Users can upload existing CAD files used to create their dies, and automatically render the print PDF. Ideal for automating die cut cards, labels & packages.
workflow automation makes complicated business processes easier to manage. When a form fill, user action or internal signal is triggered, automated workflows can move or transform data according to your instructions. This hands-off approach helps streamline repetitive and time consuming work.


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