New Automated JDF-enabled Workflow Tool


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Canon has introduced Conveyance, an intuitive JDF-enabled, automated workflow tool, developed to boost high-volume, short-run production. Developed by their Boca Raton Software Group, Conveyance is a new addition to the company’s advanced software portfolio.

Conveyance creates opportunities to streamline operations, distribute prints faster and develop new revenue streams—targeted to book manufacturers, publishers and commercial printers. Built to meet the needs of short-run digital print workflow, management and automation, this software can bolster productivity and production printing through features like seamless file transfer and job information exchange via a standardized, XML-based file format.

Conveyance’s rule-based workflow also allows automation of order submission, CIP4 impositions, job grouping & splitting, as well as routing, while tracking the integrity of each order. Customer benefits of Conveyance include:
  • CIP4 compliance;
  • Work efficiently & profitably with reduced manual intervention;
  • Reduced operator intervention with intelligent job grouping & feedback for real-time order tracking;
  • Dynamic bindery to impose signatures during runtime without returning to prepress;
  • Manage inline & near-line finishing, covers to text block authentication & reprints through a central control panel.
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