New Epson UV-Flatbed Printer


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Epson has introduced the SureColor V7000—a 4’x8’, 10-Color, UV-flatbed printer—capable of printing on a variety of media & rigid substrates, up to 3-inches thick.

The new UV-flatbed is a flexible, reliable solution, featuring 10-color UltraChrome UV Ink, including: vivid Red, Gray, opaque White and varnish. The V7000 can produce color or 3 layer prints—with little difference in production speeds—by leveraging 8-MicroPiezo printheads. The printhead also features a new circulation system for White ink, to limit sedimentation & preserve printhead nozzle integrity.

The V7000 offers several usability features, including:
  • A pin registration system for easy media alignment,
  • A multi-zone vacuum system to keep materials securely in place, and
  • Automatic thickness adjustment to accommodate media up to 3” thick.
Available January, 2021, around $100,000 (MSRP).
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