New, Improved, Deinkable UV Varnishes & Inks


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Siegwerk—a leading provider of inks for packaging & labels—has developed a new UV-offset ink series & UV-flexo varnishes for commercial & packaging printing with excellent deinking properties. These newly launched solutions increase the recyclability of UV-coated paper & board packaging, and support recycling targets established by the EU Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC) and the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC).

Presently, standard UV-inks often show extremely poor deinkability as they form a solid—chemically & mechanically—resistant layer attached to the fiber, resulting in color spotches in the recycled paper. Likewise, UV-cured varnishes, such as magazine covers printed web offset with conventional oil-based heatset inks or UV-flexo varnishes present similar deinkability problems.

For recycling, it’s important that ink & varnish films are fragmented into small hydrophobic (water repellent) particles during the recycling process in order to become detached and more easily separated from the substrate. According to Siegwerk, their new UV-flexo varnishes are recyclable by the standard flotation deinking process already being used.

Coated & Uncoated Applications
Based on Siegwerk’s SICURA Low NRGY UV/ LED UV ink series, launched in 2019 as the first UV/LED offset ink system with proven deinking properties for coated & uncoated papers, the gained expertise has been transferred to other new Siegwerk UV curable ink products.

Offset & Packaging Applications: SICURA Plast SP—
Designed for offset and packaging printing of non-food solutions, with outstanding deinking properties—comparted to the deinkability of conventional oil-based sheetfed offset inks. Featuring:
  • Excellent offset properties with high color strength,
  • Good adhesion on absorbent & non-absorbent substrates,
  • Developed to achieve a very high polyvalence use on board.
The company’s new deinkable products offer the same performance properties as standard UV-flexo varnishes and can be applied in and offline, using standard flexo coating units. Click on the links above, for more information.


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