Fujifilm Launches Activ Hybrid LED-UV Retrofit System


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Fujifilm’s Activ Hybrid LED-UV Curing System can be installed on new presses & retrofit to existing equipment by label & packaging converters. The new system combines the latest high-power, low-heat LED-UV curing technologies with Fujifilm's ink expertise to improve label production on narrow web presses; and enables traditional UV or water-based flexo presses to be seamlessly converted to LED-UV curing, for significant efficiencies.

The LED lamp system & Sericol Flexo JJ ink range have been developed in harmony for optimal performance. Employing a hybrid design, the system has the added benefit of conventional UV Arc capability: providing printers with the option of printing with specifically developed or unique conventional UV inks.

According to the company, the LED-UV Curing System offers significant cost & environmental benefits over conventional UV systems, including:
  • Drastically reduced Energy usage.
  • Elimination of VOCs.
  • Improved operator working environment, with many undesirable factors eliminated, including:
    • heat from conventional UV lamps,
    • noise & smell,
    • reduced material usage,
    • less maintenance & labor required.
  • Increased productivity is another significant benefit. Press running speeds are 30-50% faster than a conventional UV system—to 120-170m/min—with the Activ System.
  • Shorter job setups & make-ready times, due to improved substrate stability and the elimination of material distortion.
  • Lower press down-time results in additional productivity gains.
  • More consistent quality as heat from the UV lamps is removed—resulting in better registration & less substrate stretching.
For more information, visit fujifilm.com/uk/en/business/graphic,


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