New Moveable Type Patterns Created for Digital Designs


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Design Pool, LLC—a pattern library for interior designers, with a focus on commercial interior markets—partners with digital printers using the latest print-on-demand technology to make customizing accessible to interior designers. Design Pool’s printing partners print onto various materials such as vinyl flooring, faux leather upholstery, acoustic panels, wallpaper, etc.

Design Pool founder & designer Kristen Dettoni visited The Museum of Printing earlier this year and was given a tour by Executive Director Frank Romano. Inspired by the museum’s mission—to preserve “the history of the graphic arts, printing equipment & printing craftsmanship”—Design Pool has released a new collection of designs based on Moveable Type patterns and the history of printing. The Moveable Type collection of eleven patterns is based on old typewriter keys, a collection of wingding icons and letterforms.

To help the museum continue its mission to provide programming and exhibits to the community, proceeds from six of the patterns in Moveable Type will be donated to The Friends of the Museum of Printing, Inc. Romano commented: “It is exciting to see historical printing equipment inspire patterns that will be ultimately printed on the latest in today’s digital printing technology”.

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