New Sign & Display Specification From GWG


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The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has started a public beta test of its preflight spec for the Sign & Display applications. The document is available with Callas & Enfocus preflight profiles. Vendors can use this spec to generate Quality Control standards, and users can use the preflight profiles to improve their own quality control.

According to David van Driessche, Executive Director of GWG, “We could have created different specifications for each product type, but that would have been very complex to create & maintain. Instead, we incorporated viewing distance & scaling to create a single set of rules for the entire Sign & Display market—covering everything from banners and car wraps to billboards—one specification to rule them all”.

Viewing Distance, Scaling and Color Spaces are covered
  • The spec accounts for both viewing distance and scaling—from as little as 1 meter (3’) for banners, or as many as 75 meters (250’) for highway billboards. This concept is used because typically, the bigger the viewing distance, the lower the image resolution. Scaling is also widely used, and many designers create their PDF files at half, 1/10th or 1/48th of the final printed size. The rules in the GWG spec take these factors into account.
  • Wide gamut—The other factor accounted for is the ability to use RGB or L*a*b* calibrated color spaces for all elements within a PDF file.
The spec & associated preflight profiles are available, free-of-charge, at the GWG website.


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