NPRC Invites Participation in Their 2021 Wage & Benefits Survey


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NPRC’s Printing Industry Wage & Benefits Survey covers 25 of the industry's most popular positions, including outside sales representatives. Complete the survey by the 9/15/20 deadline and receive the 100+ page study FREE when it is released in early November.

This study provides average & median wage and salary breakouts based upon population density, sales, profitability and geographic location, allowing you to target and examine your own markets.

Two Ways to Participate—
1) Firms with 11+ employees, especially those that employ outside sales representatives:
  • Download a PDF worksheet.
  • Complete the worksheet at your leisure.
  • When the worksheet is complete visit the on-line survey and re-enter your answers from the worksheet.
  • CLICK HERE to download the PDF Worksheet.
2) Firms with 10 or fewer employees:
  • Fill out the survey online.
  • The average completion time for this survey is 12-15 minutes for the typical size firm.
  • CLICK HERE to go directly to the on-line survey,
  • The only drawback to the on-line survey is that it should be completed in one sitting.

What About Profitability?

What about Profitability?
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