OneVision & Commercial Printers


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We're a medium-size US-based commercial print shop (~40-50 employees) with some offset presses, wide format, and digital presses. Currently have no workflow automation software but management is looking at the landscape. We've heard OneVision has been very present in the newspaper segment and in the more eastern parts of the world but is trying to expand over here too.

Does anyone have some real-world experience using any of OneVision's products, either an integrated solution or some of their standalone products? Curious to know things like:
  • What software did you use previously and how do you feel about that switch now?
  • Is it relatively expensive, or relatively affordable in your eyes?
  • What do you think it excels with?
  • What are some major flaws in your eyes?
  • Do you have it integrated with any other pieces of software? If so, how did that go?
Thanks in advance!


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