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To come back to the original question. The Pantone Libraries that ship with Pantone are correct, they are official Pantone numbers.
In addition with PitStop we ship with both the CMYK and Lab alternate colors that Pantone provide us, so you can choose to standardize on one.

The issue you have is that a supplied file has a Pantone breakdown that is not an official Pantone one.
As stated above, there are various reasons for this, the worst case being the designer mixed a color and gave it a Pantone number. I just saw one of these where the creator mixed a Green color, and manually named it a Pantone color that is Blue!

If you have PitStop 2019 you can check Pantone names and breakdowns (CMYK and Lab) against the official internal Pantone v3 alternate colors, and change them if necessary.

If you need more info on this, just drop me a PM.


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Oh and the way to edit this is to use remap color, that changes the alernate color space which is what you need.
The other way just changes the name, and as the names are the same, nothing happens.
That's why your workaround of changing to another color first works.
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