Perforating on Horizon EF-354 folder


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Any one out there done this? Just wanted to get some feedback before I purchase the accessories required. I'm not to concerned if it takes quite awhile to set up as I'm happy to leave it as dedicated perforated. I have another folding machine.
Straightness of perf, eveness of depth and registration are my main concerns. Any special tricks for set up? Will be perforating 60gsm to 100gsm no larger than SRA4.
Your input is appreciated. ta Simon


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I once had a Baum 714 that had a score/perf attachment and it worked well because it replaced the first deflector and sheets came straight out. Your EF-354 is a much nicer folder than the Baum so if your accessories work the same (straight path) then it should work well. If the perf gets added at the pullout shaft, then I would say your results will be okay and mostly straight.

I ended up buying a used Rollem and it's a great machine for perfing and scoring and I can run wider sheets than what the folder could. Sorry I don't have the Horizon to let you know for sure.


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thanks TJ. For some reason I only get a good perf when the perfing wheel is running on the steel bottom wheel? when according to the manual you run it against it but not on it.
I'll post some pictures as soon as I get a chance., thanks a million for you input. beginning to think no one loved me :)

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