PitStop 2019 on its way.


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Enfocus announces the upcoming April 2019 release of the latest version of their PDF Preflight, Editing & Correction applications: PitStop Pro—2019, PitStop Server—2019 and PitStop Library SDK—2019.

As a result of ongoing customer feedback, this release provides new tools to handle complex files that can cause workflow bottlenecks. A preflight profile for digital printers has been included that optimizes & reports the amount of ‘clicks’ each page will generate, ensuring they only create one ‘click’.

More features—
  • Selective Rasterization—PitStop Pro 2019. Operators can select specific elements within a PDF page, such as very complex vector art, and rasterize only that selection.
    • When rasterizing multiple objects, this new function uses advanced logic to ensure that the visual appearance of the result is maintained at all times.
  • Object Browser—A requested improvement. The new Object Browser removes all of the object selection complexity.
    • The Object Browser displays the PDF Object Stack in a tree view and enables the operator to simply select the required element, which then selects the corresponding PDF object. The object can then be edited using all the usual PitStop tools. The Object Browser also supports control keys such as ‘shift’ to enable multiple objects to be selected.
This new version contains many other features and improvements, and provides support for new operating systems and the latest Acrobat versions. To find out more about the features, sign up for a series of pre-release webinars during March and April given by Andrew Bailes-Collins the Senior Product Manager at Enfocus, responsible for the PitStop product family.

Webinar Schedule
  • April 9, 11 am (CET, Brussels) and 11 am (EST, New York) – Rasterize Selection,
  • April 16, 11 am (CET, Brussels) and 11 am (EST, New York) – Object Browser,
  • April 23, 11 am (CET, Brussels) and 11 am (EST, New York) – All new features.
For details on upgrades from previous versions, check the pricing on the Enfocus website.

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