Enfocus to Exhibit at PRINTING-United


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Enfocus will be at booth #11947 at Printing United—Dallas, October 23-25, 2019, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

The Enfocus team—hosted by Switch Product Manager, Toon Van Rossum & PitStop Senior Product Manager & Andrew Bailes-Collins—will be on hand to demonstrate the latest productivity improvements & enhancements in workflow automation, including job onboarding and online PDF proofing software.

Wim Fransen—Enfocus Managing Director—also in attendance, said: “The team will available to answer questions and give demonstrations relating to our Pitstop and Switch software solutions. Visitors will also be able to get their hands on the inaugural edition of the Workflow Automation Report. This unique publication features insights from industry innovators. Partners, collaborators and integrators contributed to create a magazine that print service professionals are going to want to read.”

Being demonstrated are the latest updates to Enfocus Pitstop 2019 software, including PitStop Pro 2019, PitStop Server 2019 and PitStop 2019 SDK, featuring:
  • “Preflight for digital printers”, optimizes & reports the amount of ‘clicks’ each page will generate, automatically handling objects that ‘look’ black, ensuring that they only create one ‘click’.
  • Another new addition is “Rasterize Selection”, offering prepress operators the ability to select specific elements within a PDF page & rasterize only that selection.
    • This allows users to simplify complex pages while maintaining quality.
    • Object Browser removes complexity and makes object selection easy by displaying the PDF Object Stack in a list tree view, enabling the operator to simply click on the required element to select it.
  • The company has also implemented new features / improvements to its Switch 2019 solution including:
    • “Remote Processing”, allows users to process jobs, out of the flow remotely, using a third-party service.
    • A redesigned “Messages/Activity Log View” which incorporates the ability to filter results.
    • Enhanced “Submit Point” functionality enables greater flexibility and accuracy in job management.
The Enfocus team will host a Happy Hour / Networking event at the end of each day—enjoy a complimentary Belgian beer & get to know the people of Enfocus.

For more information about PitStop 2019, visit: What's New in PitStop 2019
For details about the Switch 2019 Spring release, visit: What's new in Switch 2019 Spring


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