Switch-2019 Spring Release Now Available


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Beginning Spring-2019, Enfocus will be distributing 2-Switch releases per year. This year’s first update brings many new features.

The list includes:
  • Remote Process Element—A flow element that allows routing of Switch jobs out of the flow, remotely process them—using a third-party service—and bring them back into the flow after processing. The Scripting Module is required for this feature.
  • Submit Point—Changes:
    • The ability to submit metadata only, allowing a Switch flow to accept data only, such as a filled form.
    • Allows the clicking of a “send trigger” button to instigate a database query to generate a paper usage report and then send it by email.
    • Managing Submit Point URLs also can be created to direct a user to a specific Submit Point, making it simpler to locate. The direct URLs can also have an expiration date applied. If users have an active Webservices Module license, they can also use a direct link URL to allow public access to a Submit Point.
  • Messages—The view of messages in the Switch activity log has been redesigned with useful filters, timelines and search features.
  • Inject Job Tool— improvements have been made. Inject Job
    • Now has a failed connection option that prevents jobs from going to Problem Jobs as an error when they can be handled by other processes in a Switch flow.
    • The ability to use “single line text with variable” has been added to the Inject Job tool, which expands the options for naming inserted jobs.
  • Dashboard & Job Board—Several improvements have been made.
For full details about the features & what’s new in the Switch 2019 Spring release, visit the link.

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