New “Buggy” App from Four Pees


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Buggy”—a bundle application that’s installed from the Enfocus Switch Appstore—has been released by Four Pees. Besides having a great name, “Buggy’s” main goal is to reduce testing time for creators of complex Switch workflows—part of a series of apps Four Pees has been creating that enhance various possibilities in Enfocus Switch.

Buggy was born from a set of internal scripts aimed at alleviating the ‘develop, test, correct, test, correct…’ cycle into something manageable. Once downloaded, there are 3-separate Buggy apps to use in Switch workflows—all responsible for a different part of workflow testing:
  • Buggy Input—Designed to be used at the beginning of a workflow (but can be injected at any point in the workflow). The app can be configured to inject jobs (files or folders) into the workflow and those jobs can be configured so they match what the flow expects in terms of metadata. Each time you activate the workflow you’re building, Buggy can inject the proper job or jobs, and make sure they have the correct hierarchy information, user details, private data, data sets… set up.
  • Buggy Reporting—Designed to be attached to any folder element in a Switch flow, exporting a wealth of information for each job passing through. Buggy Reporting saves the job itself, any attached datasets and a “job trail” which shows the different steps a job went through to get to that point.
  • Buggy Reception—Similar to Reporting, Reception focuses on the end of a flow, where you are able to see all the metadata. Reception provides the same capabilities as Reporting.
Now available in the Enfocus Appstore. Purchase it for $500/year or start a free 30-day trial. Click here to get started. Four Pees will also showcase Buggy during their upcoming Four Pees Café Zoom Call.


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