New Switch App from Callas Automates PDF Workflow


Staff member
Callas Software has released PdfChip, an application for Enfocus Switch. This is a command-line application generating single & multi-page PDF documents. It’s suited for high-volume, dynamic PDF generation of high-quality PDF from HTML, and takes advantage of CSS & JavaScript. It supports all HTML features, and extends to support CMYK, spot color, XMP metadata, PDF standards, SVG, MathML, barcodes, etc.

PdfChip creates fully compliant PDF/X files (for print) or PDF/A files (for archiving), in the smallest size PDF possible. The application uses the same HTML & CSS code for web & for PDF generation. According to a Callas spokesperson, “Enfocus Switch is an ideal way to integrate PDF creation using PdfChip into Switch flows”.

The PdfChip application is now available at no charge from the Enfocus Appstore. Click here for further materials and the free download.


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