Callas updates pdfaPilot


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Just released, Callas pdfaPilot V8.1 provides users with new options for ordering pages, adding filters for automatically removing XMP metadata and an optimized tagging structure view.
  • Customize ordering of pages within PDF files—V8.1 makes it possible to add schemata—a set of instructions for dividing up or arranging pages—and then automatically executed by pdfaPilot.
  • Rotate pages by any angle—not just 90°—and optionally enlarged at the same time.
  • New metadata processing feature allows users to use predefined filters when removing XMP metadata.
    • objects (such as images) can be deleted, except for the data required for billing for photographs, ensuring that internal metadata will not be published.
    • New email conversion option that prevents external references—such as images in HTML-format emails—from being reloaded, reducing security risks and file size.
  • Improved visualization of tagging structure—provides a color-coded, content view for a better visualization of the PDF file structure.
Additional information is available here.

The latest version is available now and can be downloaded directly from their website.

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