Switch 2022—Fall Update Released


Staff member
Enfocus has released their Fall—2022 update for Switch. Top of the list of ‘new & improved features’ in Switch 2022—Fall is the addition of Rush Jobs within Switch’s Job Boards. Users can now change the priority of a job within the Web Portal to make sure a job is given the highest priority throughout an entire Switch flow. Users now have the ability to bump-up jobs in the queue to get them to process faster. The Job Board also now provides the ability to filter & sort new Rush Jobs.

The Fall—2022 Update also includes improvements to the Client Module, significant additions to the Scripting Module, and brings multiple UX improvements. These include:
  • Client Module—HTML Description in submit points.
  • Scripting Module:
    • Extract & query XMP info from PDF files with XMP support in Node.js
    • Exchange jobs without requiring a direct connection with sendToChannel and subscribeToChannel in Node.js.
  • Schedule a job to be processed at a later time using processLater in Node.js.
  • Abort entry point so you can know in your script when to abort and handle this gracefully.
  • UX improvements—Consistency improvements when navigating the web portal menu.
Enfocus Switch 2022—Fall Release is available today.


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