Pitstop V21 (update 1)


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What am I missing? Why is this SO difficult every time there is an update?
Pitstop V2021 working just great last Friday. Stupidly install the update to 2021 this morning.
Suddenly, it cannot find a license! License program clearly shows v2021 with 9 available.
So, just to get going I try to uninstall and go back to what I had last Friday. NOPE.
I cannot seem to find all of the folders / subfolders / etc to get it to allow an "older" version to install?
After all of these years, why is there not a script to remove ALL remnants of Pitstop in cases like this!


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I have installed that update on several Macs running either Mojave, Catalina, or Big Sur and never experienced that on any of them. Are you on a Mac or Windows.


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So, the culprit was this. Along with the update one must update their license server to 2021 (Update 1)
It just seems that the pendulum has swung too far with Enfocus. A decade ago serial numbers for Pitstop were passed around like candy. It seemed that Enfocus acted (rightly)
but that now, we are in the Quark circa 1998 mode - the security to the average, law abiding person has gone too far. I have not had one successful update from Enfocus in the
past two years. Always "something". Not quite sure why an update to the license server is needed simply to update a license? Either way, up and going now - until V 22

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