Plates used for Gallus TCS 250,2000

Margaret Lucas

Active member
Hi! Everyone,

I need to know if it is possible to use Toray plates instead of Kodak Trillion plates on a Gallus TCS 250 ,waterless, Interdeck UV,
Screen,Flexo,Hot Stamp Foil,Embossing ETC ETC . We have a buyer who wants to use the Toray plates however Kodak trillion plates have been used on the press historically. Has anyone been asked this question before?If so can I safely say Toray plates can be used?

Thanks very much
Hello Margaret,

The answer - is NO - why do I say no, because the use of "Kodak Trillion Plates" tell me this press is designed for Conventional Wet Offset Printing.

It would be very, very expensive to retrofit the necessary equipment needed to run "Waterless Plates"

Regards, Alois
Hi! Alois Thanks for the reply. The Gallus TCS 250 is a waterless press hence the question Kodak trillion are waterless plates . Toray plates are waterless.The modifications to Gallus to run waterless have laready been made. Am I missing something? thanks
Hello Margaret,

I'm "I" missing something also??? I understood that this "Used Press" ..... used "Kodak Trillion" Plates which are Lo-Chem" Plates - NOT Waterless !

Regards, Alois


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