Preps, Color Bars, and Fold Marks


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I'm attempting to place an eps color bar image as a smart mark (not a dup mark) in the horizontal gutters at the head of an 8-up magazine imposition.

The issue I am stuck on is that the color bar is covering the fold marks. The press is needing these marks to be visible. The workaround is to make a specific color bar graphic for every page width / web width that has the fold marks placed on it with a white square behind it (breaking the color bar scheme). If this is the case I may end up with as many as 20 different color bar graphics that will be placed as smart marks.

Any of you Preps gurus have any suggestions for how to avoid making all of these different color bars? I'd like to just have one for each web width which would cut them down to 8 color bars.


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Re: Preps, Color Bars, and Fold Marks

I tried to duplicate your problem (using ApogeeX) and was unable to. The RIP placed the fold marks last no matter how the template was set up. Here's what I would try:

Create your templates in Preps as you normally would, then open the template files in a text editor. The color bar eps should have its filename listed on a line that begins with "%SSiPrshMark:" Cut that line and paste it just after the most previous line that begins with "%SSiPressSheet:.". This should work if your RIP is processing the template sequentially. If that doesn't work, you can try moving the mark down, putting it right before the next line that begins with "%SSiSignature:," in case the processing order is reversed (that would be very unlikely). If the template you're editing would take very long to recreate, you should make a back-up copy before editing it with a text editor.

If all that fails, the easiest solution would probably be to place the fold marks individually by using line marks, after placing the color bar, instead of using the automatic margin fold marks.

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Re: Preps, Color Bars, and Fold Marks

I'm not working in a workflow but using Preps, whichever mark you want on top, click on "Bring to front" for that one and make sure its clicked off for the other one. I think that may be the simple solution to your problem?

Nevermind, I see you said fold marks, I was thinking crop marks.

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