Prinergy and Preps 9 question


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Wondering if many have upgraded from v8 to v9, as I have read about Preps Page and Page Bleed marks issue with 9.0.2 / 9.0.3? And since even Kodak says if you use these type of marks you should wait until v9.5. Is v9.0.1 ok with the marks issue? Or are people waiting for v9.5?
And now for a stupid question what are they referring too by "Preps Page marks" and "Preps Page Bleed marks"? I looked in Preps and in the help and I can't find it called out anywhere. I believe those would be any marks based off of the page box and bleed box of page in Preps, but would like confirmation.


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Yes - upgraded.
Yes - 'page' marks auto-magically appear touching the live area even without adding marks.
Just select one (to select all) then delete before continuing.
We always use custom marks anyways . . .

Not a bug - a feature!

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