Prinergy Work shop / Xserve Slow down


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We have recently upgraded our Prinergy Hardware configuration.
The hardware upgrade was pretty significant and if nothing else we expected superior performance from where we were. But things are running slower than before our upgrade.

The only other difference is that on our server for Prinergy main, Insite we are now running a Windows 2008 platform. We were running 2003. The Xserve is the same running OSX 10.5.8 Leopard. The majority of the work stations in Prepress are running OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Navigating and working in work shop is very slow as is navigating to the User Defined folder by browsing to it through work shop or the finder on the Mac end.

Jobs Refine actually allot slower

Work shop is basically allot less responsive all the way around than before

We find ourselves restarting the servers more than before as well.

We Have tried connecting to our Xserve as AFP and SMB mounts nothing helps there. Araxi Preps volume we mount as SMB. Running Preps 5 & 6.

Anyone having similar experiences and or have a solution. I would love to hear.

Thanks in Advance


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We had the same problem with our older system. Navigating the Userdefined folders on our prinergy server was very slow and when refining our desktop apps would almost freeze. It was caused by the RAID (PERC) controller battery being old and needed replacing. You would see a battery back up ( BBU ) error in event viewer. It might not be the solution, but its something to look into.


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