printing & cutting booklets for the first time

Just make sure you're checking your books periodically through the run. The main downside to this method is that if the printer double-feeds or jams then every book after that can end up in the wrong order. When doing a longer run I usually walk over to the machine and randomly check a book periodically - check the middle of the books to make sure the middle page is still the right one. If the machine jams for any reason make sure you cancel the job, and reset the stack to a full set before restarting it.
This! I did a job last year where I was plagued by static holding the sheets together and dragging double feeds through. It got so bad I had to stand and separate out each page of the book and restack the pile. Thankfully it was only 50 books or so but it was annoying!
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Noted..will do thanks.

Will probably do short batches at a time as the post inserter doesn't have great capacity anyway


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