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i have question about flexo inks for printing on PP material, material is named Fruitag and it is used as tag on bags with food.
Face of material is PP and the other side is thermo sensitive, so i cant turn on UV dryers because its activate that thermo sensitive side.
So i need some solution that inks drying without dryers, can someone recomended water based inks or something else that will dry fast enough on PP material?
Second problem is that print must be continuous and print is all around of tag, so i have problem that i cant cut photopolymer plate that precise that fit on edges,
and i dont have cylinders for sleeves. Is there any way that i can sealing that gap between edges of plate?
Machine that i have is flexo KDO machine with UV dryers and i use photopolymer plates.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vedo,
1. UV dryers are must if you are using UV inks. No alternative for this. If your machine is configured for water base, check with dryers, may be temperature also impact on material. Is digital print help here?
2. sleeves are the alternative solution for continues print. Go for it.

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