Printing Word doc on non standard size paper


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Customer brings in a 67 page Word doc. It is composed on 3.5" X 7" page size. They want to make a booklet (7" X 7" flat sheet size, collate, fold, staple, face trim). My printer is Xerox Docucolor 252 with light production finisher. I have done plenty of 8.5" X 11" booklets, but can't figure out how to print this non standard size booklet.

I can configure the Xerox tray 5 for 7" X 7" stock. I think I need to add 7" X 7" paper size to the Xerox, so it can be specified as the "Print Size", under media tab.

Any help appreciated,

Ted Lavin

save yourself some time and heart ache. print on 8.5 x 11 and trim 3 sides after.
why go thru all the contortions.


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If you REALLY want to do it that way, save the word doc to a PDF using the 3.5x7 page size.

Then in Acrobat print menu, select "Booklet" in Page Sizing & Handling. Then configure your page size under Page Setup to be 7x7.

Then Acrobat will automagically layout your pages for booklet printing. This is the easiest way, all you'd have to do on the Xerox is ensure that bifold and staple is selected as a finishing option.

If Acrobat lays out the pages incorrectly, you have to choices. Send to the Xerox at a 3.5x7 page size document, and use the Layout functionality to have it lay the document out booklet style. If your RIP doesn't have that functionality, I'd pop the PDF into an InDesign document with the proper canvas size using AutoPageImporter script.

Best of luck.


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