problem initializing carriage motor thermoflex wide l kodak


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It looks more like focus problem and not the carriage. Head is trying to focus on drum but as it can not it fails and reports an error, I can see that focus motor is moving the head - looks like no correct focus (distance) have been found.
Is media loaded, what's the thickness of it?
Can you upload the device log file after image start?


Angel Feliz

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sorry for the delay

I don't have any one near by egypt. Open a call to Kodak response center.




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The problem is not the carriage
It is the Z-stage - that moves the laser towards the drum
>>stage init
Do not play with all the commands you see with help - running stage install tfx will reset your values in set al and you will never get it running again without somebody qualified.
The drum will not move without the stage in home position.
The stage needs to be calibrated on empty drum first - then it is used to measure the thickness of the plate.
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nemo tihs is log and error


  • device_2019_05_30.log.docx
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Clean the encoder disk thoroughly.
If that does not fix it you will need a new drum amp or motor.


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