QuarkXPress—Mac App Adds New Features


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Quark Software has announced several new features in the QuarkXPress app for Macintosh, available exclusively through the Mac App Store. This update introduces Flex Layouts, an overhauled Table module and a range of new, customer-requested, productivity-boosting design features.

Flex Layouts for Responsive Web Design
Flex Layouts lets designers create HTML5 web pages in a WYSIWIG environment, and it doesn’t require HTML or CSS coding skills.

A New Table Module
Another added feature is a reimagined Table module that introduces new styling rules for table, row, column and cell level formatting along with text styling rules. Designers can apply styles to any table—those created directly in QuarkXPress or imported from Excel. An additional feature allows changes made to the source Excel table to be updated in QuarkXPress without impacting the table design.

Additional New Features Include:
  • Professional Image Export,
  • Complete PDF Accessibility Support,
  • Performance Boost,
  • Spring-Loaded Cursor,
  • 9-Point Reference Grid,
  • Auto Growing Text Boxes,
  • Enhanced Paragraph Formatting,
  • Directional Spine Alignment,
  • Easy Access to Merge Shapes,
  • Enhanced Border Formatting Control,
  • Enhanced Retina Support.
Current Mac App subscribers can update their existing app to unlock all the newest features available at no additional cost.


Our Prepress Dept. has been using Quark 8 and CS6 for EVER. We have a single Creative Cloud subscription in case we need to work with someone's InDesign files. Almost everything from customers comes in as print-ready PDFs, JPGs etc. The only drawback I can think of to our prehistoric Quark is importing a multi-page PDF. That's about the only time we launch InDesign.


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We supported it for our customers who still use it (and there were quite a few) who couldn't supply a PDF or they had issues where we needed the native file. I ran Quark 18 and I have to say, it was one of the most stable versions I've ever used!

Like truehue , we only used Indesign for things Quark couldn't handle easily. I know I'm in the minority, but I still prefer Quark.


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Love Quark. Getting 2019 soon. INdesign is good but I love Quark. I've used it since it came out. Remember when you had to know a little about Pagemaker, Freehand, Quark, and then Corel Draw? Now it's mostly PDF's. PTL for PDFs.


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Wow I didn't realise Quark was still going, I remember it used to be the industry standard and I used this and Freehand all the time! Now it's InDesign and Illustrator!
I guess you just use whatever you are comfortable with and get results.

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