Recommendation to fix wave like ghosting for UV printing


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I have an SORM 2 color that I have converted to run UV inks and I have a CD74-6 with UV-IST, I run jobs both on metalized and footboard, I run UV inks on both and dry the ink with UV lamps.
The issue I’m facing is wave like ghosting on both metalized and footboard sheets, the printing isn’t smooth and consistent for solid colors. I will attach pictures below.

If anyone knows what the reason for this is and if there are any solutions.

Please let me know.


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Look's like water problem. Uv inks are very sensible to water amount AFAIK.
Try running less water, but first get rid of (probably) overemulsified ink.
We ran into this issue with our UV printers as well. You should check the print head calibration for alignment. Then play with your eclosion settings. I found that we we not actually putting enough ink down to get rid of it and so when we increased the eclosion percentage it would go away.

Something else to check would be your print nozzles on each of the print heads. Jus make sure that you do not have any clogs in any of the nozzles.
Photos are die cut and don't know direction of press sheet through press.
Your "waves" may be roller streaks, bands?
Can you show the actual press sheet with gripper edge?
How many colors of what, process or spot (Pantone)?
If spot, how many hits?
To isolate dampening roller streaks from ink roller streaks, I would print dry solids and see if any of the streaks/band disappear.


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