Relaible quality conscious print supplier required...


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Hi all,

I have ditched my A2/A1 supplier as they kept providing me with posters that were not fit to pass on to my buyers & would not listen on the issues experienced.

I am used to a supplier with a Mimaki cjv of some sort. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good UK business? I'm not even bothered about turnaround but in my opinion, quality is everything.

I buy A1/A2 50 at a time but my old supplier split the artwork so I would like this kind of arrangement again.

Feel free to move the thread if in the wrong place :)

Thanks in advance, Karl


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Hi, Had a look at your website & 170gsm posters are too thin for me, unfortunately. I'm used to 220gsm matt photo paper.



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We do that too. As our site says, we are a flexible supplier, so are not tied to specific paper stocks. It would just be impossible to list all options.

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