Ricoh C9110 recommendations


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We've had our Ricoh c9100 for about 6 months now. Two issues we've noticed is with the 0.5" trail edge issue on heavier stocks and also the grays. Grays come out very uneven and blotchy. Our tech gave us a fix for the trail edge issue but we have to make that change on every one of our heavier cover stocks. The other issues that we have noticed is with running mixed media - the fuser temp change is so slow on the fuser that it's unbearable. We have to run the heavier covers separately. Also, ghosting is still an issue with this machine. This was an issue on the previous 7100 and 751 machines and it wasn't really fixed on this machine.


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Yes the 9100 Does struggle quite badly with screens of black when used on color pages but does fine if only printing black and white which is kind of odd but it is what it is. I usually convert Black Screens to either a close PMS color or a process build in PisStop and they print beautiful but it is a pain in the Arse. I am slowly getting my customers used to building things either spot or process builds because it simply looks much better that way. Ricoh has a couple settings that are supposed to help but I haven't gotten it to work quite to my satisfaction so I just do what I gotta do to make the print look good


Have you heard about the new Ricoh Pro C9200, 2400 x 4800 DPI, auto calibration, 470gsm paper weights. It may be worth a look.

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