Rip Suggestions


I am looking for a self contained, relatively simple set up, easy to maintain RIP that can produce verifiable GraCol and SWOP
Proofs. Our current workflow is basically 2 macs printing Indesign files across a network to a color burst rip with an Epson 4800.
Mostly tif images, no spot colors.
Any suggestions?
Any opinions on EFI XF?

Given the relatively straight forward set up you're looking for, I would say EFI Fiery XF would be a better option than CGS or GMG. In terms of ease of use / user friendliness and cost, XF takes the cake.
I've been using EFI XF for almost two years now and I'd hate to think where I'd be without it. We color manage an Epson 9900 that we only run two substrates through, but between our Mimaki Roll and Mimaki Flatbed printer, we've profiled well over 30 different substrates. And as NathanD said, it is very straight forward.
Not to mention that it wasn't actually developed by EFI.

BestColor. I beta tested that a long time ago.

I have become very frustrated with the bugs relating to Nesting or Step and Repeat and APPE in version 6. So much so that I have pretty much quit using XF.


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