Riso Unveils Valezus—t2100 Inkjet Printer


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RISO has announced the launch of VALEZUS, a new brand of high-speed inkjet printer, for the production printing market.

The first product is VALEZUS—T2100—a high-speed, 320-ppm—full-color, cut-sheet inkjet printer, featuring double-sided printing at its rated speed. The new product is targeted to high-volume printing applications, such as transactional printing, financial institutions, insurance companies and governments.

RISO will start with successive rollouts worldwide of the VALEZUS—T2100, and it will be featured at the following exhibitions:
  • The Print Show—2019 in Birmingham, UK: September 17 to 19, and
  • PRINTING United—2019 in Dallas, Texas: October 23 to 25.
Launch dates begin in North America & Europe, and ROW dates are to be determined.


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Just to be clear, that's 160 letter sheets a minute duplex or simplex. Unless they reduce ink costs I don't see this as a print for pay solution as the print costs can easily exceed toner based equipment.


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