Screen(Agfa AvalonN8-22) mechanical error E511f - plate cant be transferred


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I have problem with Screen (Agfa Avalon N8-22) , the plate while unloading from drum after finishing imaging is stucking on the transport table and giving mechanical error E511f - plate cannot be transferred into transport

This problem is happening with large plates 79x103 cm, but not happening with smaller plates like 40x51 cm


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The main suspect is the M54 stepper motor (unload), see if the motor shaft and gears are correctly secured, look for cracked gears etc., the theory being smaller plates 0.15 mm gauge are lighter and don't put too much stress on the motor. Take a close look at the motor while activated to eject large plates, see if it hums or judders that would indicate stepper driver module problems or loose connection.
Most important, clean all unload transport path properly roller belts and everything - heavier plates can slip and fail to reach sensors in a specified time interval.
Post results please.


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i have the same problem on same machine screen 8600s , this problem begin happening last year just in winters (this is second winter) goes off after warm entire room (after 5-6 plates)

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