Screen EP-B101 Ethernet Converter Box / PIF interface / Pif Box


Anyone who have a User Manual for Screen EP-B101 Ethernet Converter Box / PIF interface / Pif Box, or knows how to configure / set up. Please see attached pictures
Thanks. Any help is appreciated.


Martin Mueller

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Hi Nutech Shroff,

according to the Introduction.pdf above, you can use Screen´s TrueFlow & Equios workflows and the HQ510-RIP (Harlequin).

For a current Harlequin-RIP e.g. Xitron Navigator v12 you would need a Xitron blue box interface instead.


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but where is the plugin for HQ510-RIP abd what the minimum version required?
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Martin Mueller

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the device plug-in for the Screen devices is an integrated part of the HQ510-RIP. HQ510-RIP is the Screen branded version of the Harlequin RIP. The oldest HQ510-RIP I know was v5 for a Katana film setter. I hope it helps you.


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HQ510-RIP V10 and up versions will drive it. I didn't try it, but in official HQ510-RIP V10 brochure written ep-b101 box. I would like to try drive it with Trueflow 7.3. but cannot find patche files TF323 and TF324...

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