Significans & Chalex Form Automation Partnership


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Significans Automation ( & CHALEX Corp. (—digital transformations & process automation solutions—have combined forces to co-market & OEM their workflow automation solutions, worldwide. The companies will focus on the cross-promotion of Significans Automation’s Development & Integration Services together with CHALEX ArtFlo.

is the digital asset management component of CHALEX’s flagship project & workflow management system—SmartFlo. ArtFlo features rapid deployment, is expandable and includes all functionality of SmartFlo. Additional features include:
  • Automatic asset indexing,
  • Intuitive taxonomy tools,
  • Matching search, and
  • Full internationalization/customization.
According to CHALEX President Murray Oles, “Like Significans, CHALEX supplies software & support services to help customers implement digital transformations by providing intuitive ways to automate business processes for the enterprise.”


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