Silver ink location in flexo


I have seen this answered for litho printing with wet trap. We have had several discussions as to where metallic silver should be run in a flexo press. Should it print under the other inks or on top of them?


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Yes, metallic inks (PMS 877 Silver) are opaque and will mostly hide or cover what's under them.
Flexo being dry trap, doesn't have the concerns offset litho has with wet trap, unless it's UV.
This is "ink" or "press" trapping, wet vs dry, sequence order.

But there is also "fit" or "prepress" trapping, spreads & chokes.
Ideally, art files are created to the recommendation of press needs.
Known if prepress is in-house.
However, sometimes files are customer supplied and then you need to print how they were created. You can edit/modify/adjust the files but who pays for that?
It's the classic question of which came first, the chicken or the egg or prepress vs press.


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