SM52 Plate thickness


Looking for confirmation that running plates of 0.2mm thickness on the SM52 is a bad option. My thinking is: Machine specs say plates thickness of 0.15mm. Changing plate thickness will alter print length. Also means that blanket needs to be packed less to give correct printing pressure between plate and blanket.
If blanket is packed less, this will effect impression setting to paper thickness entered in control panel. On uncoated lightweight stocks my guess would be that you could not put enough pressure on to provide good print. I know that rollers can be set with thicker plate but I am not happy with the other issues it would cause. Reason for asking is that a company I deal with has been sold a plate maker for their goss newspaper press that has a plate thickness range of 0.2 - 0.3mm. Thoughts please. Regards Chris


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@Chris_PTA customer may check with the platesetter manufacturer to see if there is an optional add-on to allow the thinner plate to be imaged.
For example, on a Trendsetter, there is an option for a range extender to image 0.14mm to 0.4mm plate thicknesses. Might be an easier solution than trying to run a thicker plate.

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What about Profitability?
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