Small dot in 0%


Hello, Is there a Roland DG specialist here?

I deal with color calibration of printing machines.
I had a problem with Roland's machines.
I've recently calibrated the SG2-300.
I created the profile as standard: create new media, template, linearization, ink limit and create iic profile with separate software.
After making the entire profile, dots for 0% appeared on the test printout.

I had the same situation with the LEJ-640 and sometimes with the RF-640, though occasionally
This only happens with the Rolands at Versaworks. Other software and printing machines does not have this problem.
I am also wondering about the different values in Fine tune Apply. Sometimes they suggest percentage coverage and then optical densities.

ICC profiles are generated in various programs: i1Profiler, Fiery Color Profiler and Color Tool HDM. Changing the GCR from 0% to 30% did not help.
I wonder where the error could be? the devices I calibrate are x-rite Isis, i1pro 1 and 2.
On the same day I was making an ICC profile on the same material and therefore VersaWorks 6.6.3 for RF-640 and this problem did not occur.



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Not all developers recognize v4, and for a small color gamut of printing inks, the difference between v2 and v4 does not matter at all, v4 is not needed. Although a solution is possible and not in the version of profile.


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