Konica 4065, poor print quality


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I am owner of konica 1060 and a konica 2060l among other machines. With efi color profiler suite all these years the colors i had from both machines were almost proofs. The 2060l could pass fogra proof. I recently bought 4065 with konica controller this time. The profiles are unacceptable even when calibrated with accurio pro color manager. The prints are with no contrast at all (the bigest problem for now). I tested the machine with fiery controller also with the same poor results. I noticed that when changed custom screen and then suddently contrast came back to normal but till now i cannot find a solution to create profile in custom screen. The company tell me that the prints are ok and the printer just prints different. When the saw a fogra proof they just raised their hands. Anyone with similar problem?
I am also sailing in the same boat, I already own a c2070, I have seen most sluggish controller and worse print quality in c4080 despite being equipped with higher resolution laser and better specs controller which is now an external unit, I guess konica minolta has taken the game to just save on toner costs with these new machines. C1060/C1070, C2060/C2070, C3070/C3080 and C4065/C4070/C4080 share same toner yet yield on C4080 is almost twice with same kind of prints as compared to earlier models, It has been verified by new C4080 owner who was previously running same jobs on c1060. konica minolta must resolve these issues otherwise they wont' be selling anything, their C7090/C7100 is nowhere close to C6085/C6100 in performance, C12000/C14000 is already a big problematic, and they are launching it again as C12000e/C14000e, I wonder what is there left to sell, Just c83 I guess, which has unrealistic click rates for normal print shops. I had been a die hard fan of konica minolta, and in last few years I have really promoted it well and 4-5 new machines C3070/C3080 were installed in my neighborhoods on my referral, recommendation and positive words, Bad days for konica minolta I guess, some decisions gone bad with quality and controllers at higher level in manufacturing.
Having run/owned km 6500, 6000, c1060 & now c4070 with km's own rip (hikari), we have found it (rip) adequate tho fogra is not something we think about. imo the 4070 tho better (eg rego, feed) is generally much the same (as c1060, which I would not have replaced the C1060 except km cancelled the maintenance contract when the rental term was complete). idk about yield, most customers I think have maintenance contracts aka cpc so have no idea.

when negotiating the 4070 km sales treated me with contempt, I was, I am, appalled at their lack of customer focus, it was like the 80s. KM seem to lack unity & their production gear & has been more miss than hit in recent years, tho I have found the c4070 to have been a 'hit'. Unfortunately ricoh c7200 was out of my price.

otoh I have always & continue to find downtown with our km is minimal, but that might different if we went for a 7085 (apparently not reliable). most of their techs are good in our territory, cheers bill


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