Study shows face masks don’t stop infections


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The latest scientific study shows that (once again) face masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of the (covid-19) flu:


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The latest scientific study shows that (once again) face masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of the (covid-19) flu:
Feel free to take your mask off. Mine is staying on.


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This is why I belive everything the MSM blows into my face.
Sorry, I don't get it. MSM to me is a medical abbreviation for an anti-inflammatory. If you saw it spelled out you'd understand why it's abbreviated.
In any case, common sense dictates that a barrier of any sort is better protection than no barrier.


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Gord is just stirring up controversy (again). Couldn't hold out 'till his usual Sunday post. heh,heh.

I'm just fascinated with how people put their world together. For example, the notion that if science contradicts common sense then common sense should prevail. ;-)
I'm reminded of the study done by GATF on the difference in gamuts between AM and FM screening. The (unrecognized) assumption was that solid ink hue and density determined gamut. If they were the same then common sense says that the gamuts are the same. Of course, the gamuts aren't the same.


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the notion that if science contradicts common sense then common sense should prevail. ;-)
I'm not so sure I've ever seen science & common sense contradict one another. Course it depends who's common sense it is. In other words, common sense could be variable.
My common sense = good & accurate. The rest of humanity's common sense = maybe not so good.

In response to pastry thighs explanation/logic. I once knew a guy who tried this method in the men's room of a pub. He wasn't a close friend.
The fellow who belonged to the leg that was peed on didn't share the humour. My not close friend had the crap beat out of him.
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Seems that study was, shall we say, sh!t€

I guess you missed the last sentence in the article: "the editors agreed publishing this study was important because it is “the only randomized control trial of masks for SARS-CoV-2 infection that has been done to date…this was an important, well-designed study.”


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You mean one of the quotes by one of the Doctors that performed the test. No they'd never be biased in opinion, would they?
May have been a well designed study but it was executed about as well as Rudy's hair.


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"Nine out of 10 doctors smoke Camels." Remember that one?

Until the 50's there was no scientific consensus about smoking, yet there was ample evidence dating back to Jean Nicot's death from a very rare disease.

Had you asked anyone's great-grandmother in the 1950's or even a hundred years earlier (if you could find a great-grandmother), she would have said that smoking, although apparently pleasurable and maybe good for you, was a precursor to some horrible deaths.

Be wary of everything that someone says. And be aware that you yourself may be wrong iin a vital detail.


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I really don't understand the crusade of people trying to get other people to not wear masks. If it prevents one droplet of spittle from an infected person getting into my lungs it is worth it. One thing is for certain, if you aren't wearing a mask and the person you happen to be talking to within 6 feet isn't wearing a mask then germs are going to be exchanged. Don't even get me started with a crowded bar with wall to wall people none of whom are wearing masks.
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The author of the study said:

“We think you should wear a face mask at least to protect yourself, but you should also use it to protect others,” lead author Henning Bundgaard told The Washington Post. “We consider that the conclusion is we should wear face masks.”

Bundgaard said even the small risk reduction that masks offer “is very important, considering it is a life-threatening disease.”"


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I think the biggest thing that non Americans don’t understand (and a lot of Americans) is that Americans tend to be very individualistic people.

In the words of the great Ben Franklin, “those who sacrifice security for freedom deserve neither”.

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