Survey: Commercial Printing & the Pandemic

The surevey site is a little bit buggy- the progress bar doesn't operate and I got an error submitting the final page. Can someone post the summary here when they get it?
InfoTrends / Keypoint Intelligence, is conducting a survey of US printing establishments to understand how the printing industry is evolving as the US economy reopens.

Per your preference, they will send you the survey’s executive summary or a $20 gift card, for your time.

Click on the survey link below & share your thoughts on how the printing industry is faring. Click here to begin the survey.
I tried the survey and it says it was already completed before I even started...perhaps you provided your custom link and not a generic one @prwhite ?
Oh, I see what you mean. I went to their home page where they have the survey listed:
But there's no link to take the survey !! Strange. I emailed InfoTrends to ask them where the generic signup page is. Looks like a good example of a PURL.
( More feedback—My email to InfoTrends):
In explanation. This was about the email (attached) and the link that I was referencing for taking the Covid-19 survey. Apparently its a PURL for me and doesn’t work for anyone else to take the survey. We have around 20,000 members who are all actively involved in printing & Graphic Communications, and are actively affected with this pandemic (as we all are); and many would love to participate. I was just trying to alert responders, but this seems to have backfired.

My email to you was not in reference for signing up for a C-19 Blog, but for the actual survey, itself.

I hope this explains my intentions, thank you.
Best regards,
InfoTrends response:
Thank you for inquiring about the option of sending our survey to your members. We will send the Executive Summary to participants. Please find attached a link that you can forward to your members:

Covid Survey

The respond-by date is 7/23/20.

Maybe they should update their web server first:
Works for me. Anybody else get this warning message?
I did not get the "connection is not secure message"...however, when I got to the final page to submit and it errored out. Not sure if it was my computer or the survey site.
The question is: Where do printing companies stand in terms of returning to more normal operations? Currently, less than half of them (46%) are fully open with a full staff and 48% are open at limited capacity. Opinions on when the economy is expected to recover are split almost evenly. Nearly half (48%) are expecting a V-shaped recovery, with the economy starting to improve in Q3 and reaching more normal economic activity by Q4. However, over half (56%) are not so sanguine. This more pessimistic group does not see the beginning of recovery until 2021 or later. As a result, it is not surprising that only 18% of printing companies plan to make investments in printing equipment.
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