The Printing Industry & The Pandemic: Current U.S. Conditions


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Excerpted from a Keypoint / Infotrends industry report by RILEY MCNULTY

In April & June of this year, Big Picture Magazine & Keypoint Intelligence conducted surveys of sign shops, commercial printers, and in-plants to gain a perspective on how the industry is coping with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not surprisingly, the data showed that printing companies were under significant pressure from the initial closure and subsequent efforts to reopen the economy. The survey in April found that printers experienced a 28% YOY decline in revenues from January through April.

The survey conducted in June found that less than half (46%) of printing companies were fully open at full staffing. Big Picture Magazine & Keypoint Intelligence once again checked in with the industry from November 13th to 20th to see how the printing companies are faring. The current data paint a picture of an industry that continues to struggle and survive.

The November survey found that only 35% of printing establishments are fully open at full staffing. Another 45% are open, but at reduced staffing. To help mitigate the current challenges, a solid majority of these establishments (80%) have introduced pandemic-related products.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite indices all up nicely. In fact, the Dow and S&P may have one of the best Novembers since 1928. To say that Wall Street and Main Street represent a bifurcated US economy would be an understatement.
To read the report and see the graphed-out numbers, follow this link.
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