Survey Indicates Encouraging Business Outlook Despite Pandemic


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Fujifilm NA—Graphic Systems Division—has announced results from qualitative interviews with more than 1,100 customers. Findings indicate an encouraging outlook for print service providers, despite the recent COVID-19 impact on many commercial businesses.

The interviews were conducted early-on, between April 15 & May 15, 2020 with Fujifilm Graphic Systems customers—print service providers from the commercial, sign, display and packaging segments across the US. Interviews were centered on 4-main topics:
  • Changes in production volume,
  • Changes in staffing levels,
  • Applications for government Paycheck Protection Program assistance or other operating loans,
  • Projections regarding a return to normal business conditions.
Overall, a combined total of 72% of customers polled expressed optimism about a return to normal business by October. Of those responding, 32% projected a return to normal business in the July/August 2020 time frame and 24% projected a return to normal business conditions in September/October 2020.

Staffing levels remained unchanged for 36% of respondents, while some reported decreases of between 1% & 26%. A significant number—54%—reported applying for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or loans.

Production volume impact
Impact from COVID-19 was significant, with 83% reporting declines in production volume up to 40% or more since the start of the pandemic. This statistic excludes businesses deemed essential during the shutdown, including news/print media, whose performance remained flat during this time.
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