Switch & Impostrip highlight a decade of integration


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Eleven years ago, Enfocus (Booth 736) & Ultimate TechnoGraphics (Booth 443) established a partnership combining their workflow innovations that today are still considered to be pioneering & trendsetting in the integration of different prepress software. Both will be on display at PRINT-18.

Before 2007, Enfocus Switch & Ultimate Impostrip were standalone products. Impostrip then became the first hot-folder, automated imposition solution integrated into Switch. Adapting to key trends—and facilitating customers taking full advantage of automation features of both products—Ultimate developed the Impostrip configurator for Switch.

The configurator, currently at V-11, supports the full integration of Enfocus & Ultimate automation capabilities across multiple platforms, and provides users inter-platform flexibility & workflow options. Today, these integrated solutions are used by customers all over the world, as a simple solution for automating their prepress workflow.

Configurator comes standard with Switch and can also be downloaded from enfocus.com/partner-integrations.


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