Synthetic media and window envelopes for Xerox Versalink C9000


I have traditionally just been a broker however I have leased a Xerox Versalink C9000 so I can complete some jobs inhouse. It gets installed next week. My dealer tells me that I can't run #10 window envelopes through it even if they are digital certified. I realize most of you are using production presses so many would not have experience with this specific lower-end device however maybe someone can advise why they would not work.

And if #10 digital envelopes don't work what about the following that I'm looking to purchase from MTM. The Xerox C9000 prints up to 350gsm however I'm more concerned about the heat. MTM states that these products are all good to run on similar Xerox units as they are heat stabilized products. Does anyone have experience with these?
  • Teslin 10mil
  • Polyblend 12mil
  • Polyester 10mil
  • PVC 10mil
  • Plastic paper 10mil
  • Woven Polyester 7.5mil
  • Backlit 8mil
  • Digital window cling
Any help is appreciated.



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In my experience it's usually the flap or where the folds on envelopes meet that cause issues. If your dealer says it can't run envelopes he's not saying it for no reason. I wouldn't expect it to work.


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I realize you've already made the purchase, but be aware that this is in no way a production unit. It's even listed under the "Office Printers" class and not the "Production Printers" class on the Xerox website. The Xerox C60 is the lowest end unit for production printing that should be considered for quality printing of a decent volume.

But to your question...I just checked out the unit specs on the Xerox website. It looks like they have an envelope kit that replaces tray 1 which is under the engine. This means the envelopes will have to do a tight u-turn into the print engine. This is not ideal for window envelopes because it will flare out the seam around the window which could lead to more jams. I can also imagine that the press slows down to probably half speed or even less which is not good to have that long of heat exposure to the window, even if they are digital. The other option worth trying is to run through the bypass tray since that is a straight path. Just be aware that you could void any service warranty/contract if it does jam since you were advised not to.

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