The Night Shift


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I have a feeling that naughty goings on during the night shift happen more often than one would guess. That might be why the printing they do is different than what the day shift delivers. LOL
In defense of the night shift, my first job in the industry was a 4 year stint at a bank check printing company so I could attend university classes during the day. 50 some years later, it is hard to imagine how that was possible :^) Our night shift was a good deal smaller than the day shift, with only one supervisor as opposed to the five on the floor during the day. As such, we were all dependent on one another to clean up what the day crew had left us, usually resulting in a lot of overtime. Productivity was far and above what the day people could do as we didn't have the distractions the front office could provide. We took breaks together, we had lunch together and we all felt a camaraderie that the large day crew could never approximate. Hopefully, that is still the case.


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